Camiden: City of a Hundred Towers

To some, it is the laughingstock of the City-States of Lithaurum. To the most canny, the most courageous, and the craziest it is the city of golden opportunity. Here is a city of speculators and stargazers, of scoundrels and saints, of exiled firebrands and conniving nobles. Home to the harlot psorcerer-monarch (or Pserarch for short) Camilla, the city flourishes under beneficial neglect, loose laws, and even looser women. Only occasionally governed by Camilla, the city is ruled by the House of Guilders and the increasingly ceremonially and largely hereditary Peers of the Tower.

Lithaurum is a land dominated for thousands of years rule of immortal psorcerers, The Pserarchs. Using hidden knowledge they bend magic to their own will in ways that mortal wizards have no hope of meeting, the Pserarchs are permanent fixture in the political landscape. Yet, amidst the oppressive weight of implacable governments run by the very gods themselves, some dare to buck the system to make their fortune and play the high stake games of politics, and even fewer hope for something more: a new future.

The Hundred Towers

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