Character Creation

Generally: Make a basic novice hero according the Savage Worlds rules. The only race in the world are humans, however you may take any race. You will cosmetically appear human but have an “Inner Pstrength” that grants you the advantages and disadvantages that come with that race. Moreover, your in-game Inner Pstrength should tie into that race (see below).

Role Playing: In Camdien, all legal weapons have a unique magic signature on them. They can be carried freely, and used liberally, but the constables wizards have means of figuring out what weapons were used for violence where in the city. At least, thats how it should be. In practice, the powerful have ways to circumvent this problem. Powerful Guilds have legally obtained exceptions, while the underworld manages to circumvent each new protection that the underfunded constabulary conceives. Each character should have a motivation for wanted one of these ‘dirty’ weapons for themselves.

Inner Pstrengths: Each character has unique ability or talent that they begin with. It may something as simple as keen hearing or as fantastic as control over fire. The whys and wherefores are flexible, but it is represented as a single edge. Taking a power with this edge is treated as a superpower rather than magic, meaning that failures aren’t as potential devastating. Please mark whatever you Inner Pstrength is clearly on your character sheet as it offers a means to learn new powers and skills from your innate makeup.

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Character Creation

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