Only six people in the land of Lithaurum know the secret to bridge the ineffable gap between the world of forms and the material world to perfect the magic of psorcery. It is no coincidence that each of them has become a Monarch. Hence, the bastardization of the words ‘psorcerer’ and ‘Monarch’ to Pserarch. There is a hierarchy amongst these remote and seemingly immortal beings, known to some, but the origin of which has been lost to winds of time…

Doryan, The First Pserarch, Seer of Maydor, Light of the World

Eldrit, The Second Pserarch, The Dragon of Eldren, King of the Kurn River, Lord of the March Plains

Klonicke, The Third Pserarch, Queen of Ambrosia, Keeper of the Enlightened Path

Obsden, The Fourth Pserarch, Commander of the Obsguard, King of all the Commonwealth, Mayor of Obsden, Beloved and Revered

Kiru, The Fifth Pserarch, The Great Wolf, Lord General of the Golden Army

Camilla, The Sixth Pserarch, Lady of Camiden

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